AMD: VR will be ‘Changing Every Aspect of our Lives’

AMD is making a big push into virtual reality (VR), partnering with different companies and developers at numerous events across the last year. The company was demoing it LiquidVR tech at the recent Canadian Film Centre’s (CFC) annual charity barbecue event, held during the Toronto International Film Festival.

AMD had several Oculus Rift head-mounted displays (HMDs) as well as a HTC Vive. Sasa Marinkovic, AMD’s head of VR marketing was at the event and spoke with Toms Hardware about VR and its future. AMD sees VR becoming an important part of everyday life with Marinkovic saying: “Virtual reality is going to be a really disruptive and transformative technology, changing every aspect of our lives – all the experiences you can imagine are going to be completely transformed. When you look at gaming or video or real estate or travel, they are all very much going to be changed – no longer will you be only a spectator, you will actually be part of the action.”

Image via Toms Hardware

Marinkovic also discusses which HMDs the company is focussed on: “So at this point, HTC and Oculus are getting the most visibility in the market, but obviously we are evaluating other solutions and engaging with other partners that are appropriate and helping them get to market. In terms of Oculus and HTC, they are coming to market sooner. We are working with Star VR as well, for the Walking Dead, and a number of other companies.”

For the full interview with Marinkovic, who explains further about AMD’s collaborations and how its range of Fury graphics cards work with devices like the Oculus Rift, can be found here.

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