War Thunder will Support HTC Vive ‘eventually’

War Thunder, the free-to-play World War 2-era online combat experience from Russian developer Gaijin Entertainment, has gone all in with its virtual reality (VR) support. The PC version of the title has already integrated the Oculus Rift head-mounted display (HMD), and the PlayStation 4 edition will be adding support for the Project Morpheus HMD upon its release next year. That of course leaves one more major device, the HTC Vive. Could War Thunder add support the SteamVR-backed device in the future? CEO Anton Yudintsev states that it will happen ‘eventually’.


“So we haven’t tried HTC Vive yet,” Yudintsev explained in an interview that will be published in full later this week. “The thing is, HTC Vive is a very cool device but not really gamer friendly. I mean that it requires a lot of space. So, personally, I like it, it’s very cool, you can walk with it but it’s not required for War Thunder to walk. So we cannot use all the advantages of the HTC Vive because the main advantage is that you have that space to walk. It’s not required for War Thunder; you’re sitting in a chair as the pilot and controlling the aircraft.

“I think, because of that, of course we will support it as a virtual reality device eventually, but unfortunately we can’t explore its advantages so instead we’ve focused on Oculus and Project Morpheus,” he concluded.

War Thunder sits players in the cockpits of historic aircraft and tanks, which is made all the more authentic in VR. But, as Yudintsev explained, the HTC Vive’s standout feature is Room Scale user-tracking, which follows a player’s movements in a space of up to 15 feet by 15 feet and replicates them in-game. As a seated experience, War Thunder can’t take advantage of this, but Valve has made it clear that this isn’t a requirement for every title on HTC Vive, meaning it could still arrive on the device.

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