Wands: The Magic Duel Character Designs Revealed

Univrses’ Wands: The Magic Duel has been benefit to a very open development process thus far. Since the project’s announcement the developer has showcased their title at numerous events and presented concept art from the title. This now goes one stage further, as Universes has revealed new designs for both male and female characters from the upcoming videogame.

Wands: The Magic Duel is multiplayer virtual reality (VR) videogame which makes use of mobile head-mounted displays (HMDs) and a smartphone. The players are given a virtual world in which to duel, using the tracking of a smartphone for gesture controlled attacks and defence. Of course, given the name of the title, most of these attacks involve the use of a magic wand.

Wands: The Magic Duel screenshot

Univrses have stated that a crowd-funding campaign would launch in due course to help complete the development of Wands: The Magic Duel, though no details on the amount of finance required has yet been revealed. The character concept designs follow below and VRFocus will keep you updated with all the latest details on Wands: The Magic Duel.

Wands: The Magic Duel character concept Wands: The Magic Duel character concept