VR Sports Challenge Dev ‘can’t wait’ to Show Work with Oculus Touch

Oculus VR finally has its own official input solution for virtual reality (VR) videogames. Last month the company announced Oculus Touch, a brand new set of controllers that provide motion-tracking and gesture recognition along with a more traditional set of buttons and analogue sticks. The reveal came as a pleasant surprise to many VR developers, including the team at Sanzaru Games, which is working on VR Sports Challenge for the Oculus Rift. In fact, the studio ‘can’t wait’ to reveal what it’s been working on for the device.


Sanzaru Games Creative Director Tin Guerrero stated as much in an interview with VRFocus that will be published in full later this week. “The Oculus Touch is something that we are so excited about,” Guerrero said. “Like they said; everybody first putting on Oculus reaches out and touches and even our first prototypes, just down the roads of each one of our sports, we integrated controllers that accept motion input and stuff like that just as prototyping. For example, we had football where you could actually throw the ball and it was so much fun. So we cannot wait to show what we’ve been working on with the Touch and, actually, we can’t wait to refine what we have because it’s going to be so awesome and so natural.”

It sounds as if the team may not have access to the Oculus Touch itself just yet, then, but is instead building around it with other devices for now. “There’s something– boiling down, for example, a hockey save to a button, it’s good and it’s gamey,” Guerrero continued. “But boiling down somebody throwing a football, like, to a button press, it’s just not as satisfying as doing something like [simulating throwing]. Wii Sports was a hit because it was accessible to everybody and it was natural. You did natural motions and I really hope that we can hit on the same thing with the Oculus Touch. I can’t want to start using it.”

VR Sports Challenge is set to bring a number of popular games to the Oculus Rift although, for E3, Sanzaru Games only showcased its hockey experience. Check back with VRFocus later in the week for the full interview with Guerrero.