VR Sound Technology Company Mach1 Launched

The immersion in virtual reality (VR) doesn’t just come from the visuals displayed by the head-mounted displays (HMDs), but also the way players hold contollers, and the audio they hear. It why companies are appearing that specialise in VR audio, like the recently announced Mach1, a sound technology company launched by Q Department. Mach1 will develop sound tech for media formats including VR and augmented reality (AR).

Mach1 has been founded by Dražen Bošnjak who has worked on Catatonic for VRSE and Saschka Unseld’s new VR film Dear Angelica which is in production (it’s a follow up to his first one LOST that debuted with Oculus at Sundance).


“Catatonic directed by Guy Shelmerdine for Chris Milk and Patrick Milling Smiths VR production studio Vrse was the first VR film we worked on. Everything is more complex and exciting in VR”, said Catatonic composer & sound designer Bošnjak in a statement. “The creative aspect is completely open and arguably unexplored. This was the most intense collaboration with a director so far”, says Bošnjak. “I felt like a scientist exploring a new territory”.

Oculus’ Saschka Unseld said of Bošnjak: “Not only is Drazen an audio wunderkind and fellow creative mad man but his commitment to pioneering the conversion of sound studios and their pipeline into something that works intuitively for VR is utterly inspiring.”

VRFocus will be following Bošnjak’s work in VR and shall report back on further VR projects that include his sound design.