VR Karts Gets New Screenshots to Showcase 2.0 Update

Last week saw UK-based indie developer Viewpoint Games launch a fresh update for the pre-release version of its popular virtual reality (VR) kart racing videogame, VR Karts. The update brought plenty of new features to the title, getting it that bit closer to a full launch later down the line. Viewpoint Games has also released some brand new screenshots of the title to complement the launch. These new images showcase the videogame’s updated graphics, and can currently be seen below.

A total of 8 shots are on display. The majority of them showcase the title’s cartoonish gameplay, set in colourful environments that players race around, using weapons and power-ups to secure first place. There’s also a look at the title’s menu options, cleverly resembling a racer’s own trailer to keep the experience grounded in VR at all times. Finally, one shot gives just a brief glimpse at the title’s kart and character customisation options with the player’s avatar sporting a familiar peripheral on their head.

VR Karts 2.0 brought with it the online multiplayer beta, which Viewpoint Games is eager to get players involved with, testing out this crucial feature before its full launch. The aforementioned Player Customisation area was also been added as has a brand new tutorial to help players adjust to the controls. The developer has even updated the AI, added additional audio and now included subtitles into the experience.

It appears that the team is still hoping to launch the full product in late 2015 with full support for the Oculus Rift head-mounted display (HMD). This would put the title ahead of the kit’s full consumer launch in Q1 2016.

VRFocus will continue to follow VR Karts closely, reporting back with any further updates on the title.

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