VR “It’s the birth of a whole new industry” States Mobile Phone Inventor

Inventor Marty Cooper is known for being on the cutting edge of technology. He is widely credited with the invention of the mobile phone after making the first ever call over forty years ago in 1973. Recently the 86-year old made a trip to Seattle and tried virtual reality (VR) for the first time, care of VRstudios and its VRcade gaming system.

After trying VRcade’s zombie filled title Time Zombies, Cooper sat down with Geek Wire to talk about VR technology and the mobile industry. On the VR experience Cooper said: “When that first zombie came at me, it felt real. It’s an eerie feeling. But you get over the game part very quickly. What’s the biggest function of a cell phone? What does a cell phone do for humanity? It makes people more productive. That’s the essence of this. The game is fun, but it’s about the productivity.” “It’s the birth of a whole new industry,” he added.

Marty Cooper

Currently a big part of the VR industry is mobile VR, using smartphones in devices like the Google Cardboard head-mounted display (HMD). Asked about what he thought of Apple’s iPhone 6s, he remarked “boring”, going on to say: “They’re struggling each generation to come up with something interesting. It’s a little bigger, has more pixels, more megahertz and people couldn’t care less. I think the future is the software. They have to figure out ways to make the phone essential.”

So while Cooper may not be that impressed by current smartphones but he does seem more enamoured with VR, finally saying: “It’s very exciting to be in at the beginning of this.”

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