VR Film MansLaughter Releases in Full on Gear VR

If you’ve been following VRFocus for the past few months you may well have heard of MansLaughter, a brand new virtual reality (VR) movie from director David Marlett and production company Cinemersia. The piece entered post-production earlier in the year and, today, it’s finally seeing a full release for Samsung’s Gear VR mobile head-mounted display (HMD), marking the first VR release for both the company and the director.

Cinemersia Marlett

Lasting 15 minutes, MansLaughter is a 360 degree movie in which viewers can use the Gear VR’s head-tracking technology to look around a scene as it unfolds. It follows a group of 4 friends that learn an acquaintance has won a Mega Lotto jackpot of $265 million USD. The film unfolds over 4 scenes that run at the same time, with audiences able to choose which sections they watch. Watching every scene unfold will take around a total of 46 minutes. The piece is available for free on Samsung’s VR video streaming app, Milk VR.

“A significant amount of invented physical and technical design went into making MansLaughter work,” Marlett said of the piece. “I lost track of how many times we found ourselves creating things out of whole cloth due to necessity. For example, the script was a beast as the timings had to be precise. We had a terrific and very patient cast and crew as each of the four 10 minute central scenes are long takes, must run concurrently, and be exactly aligned to reveal only certain things in the plot based on how the audience engages with them. It makes more sense when you experience it.”

VRFocus will continue to follow any and all VR movie releases, reporting back with the latest on them.