VR 020 Meetup Announces First Event for December

Indie developers are generally seen as the lifeblood of the virtual reality (VR) industry, taking chances that other larger studios may not want to, due to VR’s infancy. And helping those indie developers is a thriving VR community that creates small, generally single day/evening events for enthusiasts and creators to get together. A new event which will launch in December is VR 020 Meetup, which will be held in Amsterdam.

VR 020 Meetup

VR 020 Meetup is being organised by Adriaan Rijkens for anyone in the area, whether they are an artist, programmer, animator, sound technician, movie maker or simply a VR fan to come and share their ideas and experiences on VR. The event is titled Let’s Share VR Demo’s & Experiences with Each Other, and will feature as guest speaker Peter van Apeldoorn from the Amsterdam Film Company. Apeldoorn travelled to Uganda to create a VR safari experience in collaboration with a Dutch/Ugandan touring agency, Matoke Tours. Having completed this project he founded the company VR-Gorilla. He will be talking about his adventure in Africa and the challenges to film 360 degree video.

The VR 020 Meetup will be taking place on Thursday 3rd December 2015, from 6pm until 9pm at A Lab, overhoeksplein 2, Amsterdam. If you wish to attend follow this link here to the event page to RSVP. This isn’t the only VR event to be held in Amsterdam, with the Dutch VR Meetup holding a 4 day event in Vondelpark at the end of October.

VRFocus will continue to follow all the latest new and updates regarding the VR 020 Meetup and shall report back.