Valve: ‘It isn’t by Coincidence’ That VR Input Devices are Similar

The UK’s largest videogame show EGX started today, and Valve has a developer session taking place dedicated to virtual reality (VR). During the session, hosted by Chet Faliszek, he has been revealing details the HTC Vive designs and how the developer came up with its motion controller input method. Talking about the controllers, Faliszek mentions the similarities between the main head-mounted display (HMD) manufacturers designs.

With companies still figuring out the best processes and ways to implement VR there will inevitably be crossovers of design, as Faliszek states: “So for input we experimented and we talked with everybody, we also saw everything we could. We’ve had every type of input through our doors. So it isn’t by coincidence that Sony, Oculus and ourselves have landed on some what similar input device, with this first run of VR.”


As the technology develops companies like Valve and Oculus VR might develop very different ideas on how VR should be controlled. But as VR has no current benchmarks developers are still trying to find that common ground with which to launch VR and make it a successful endeavour.

VRFocus will be covering the events at EGX as the event continues into the weekend.