Unreal Engine 4.10 to Make PlayStation Move Development ‘much easier’

Motion controllers are set to play a big part in virtual reality’s (VR’s) near future. Each of the 3 major VR head-mounted displays (HMDs) has their very own controllers that support this style of input. The SteamVR controllers for the HTC Vive and Oculus Touch controllers for the Oculus Rift are both promising concepts for PC-based VR, and the PlayStation VR HMD will use the already-released PlayStation Move. The latter controller is already compatible with one of the most popular VR development engines, Unreal Engine 4, but creator Epic Games has recently issued some advice for the kit.


Unreal Engine 4 creator Epic Games has advised those working with PlayStation Move in VR to hold off until the arrival of the engine’s next major update, Unreal Engine 4.10. Sam Deiter, SR Training Content Creator at the company, explained as much during this week’s Unreal Engine Training Stram over on Twitch, noting that the next update will make it ‘much easier’ to work with the controllers.

“This will work in 4.9, but if you’re doing any development I would hold off until 4.10, because there’s going to be some more features that come online that make it much easier to interact with these guys.” It’s not yet known when Unreal Engine 4.10 will be launching.

Deiter is likely referring to the ‘universal motion controller implementation’ that VRFocus confirmed to be a part of Unreal Engine 4.10 last week.

A handful of titles are already working with PlayStation VR and PlayStation Move. Among them is Loading Human from Untold Games, which essentially turns the motion controllers into the player’s hands, allowing them to reach out to objects, grab them and interact with them in realistic ways. Expect to see plenty of other developers taking this approach with PlayStation Move along with the Oculus Touch and HTC Vive controllers in the future.

VRFocus will continue to follow Epic Games’ work in VR with Unreal Engine 4, reporting back with the latest updates.