Totems in Dreamland Released for the Gear VR

With content for the Samsung Gear VR head-mounted display (HMD) steadily increasing, a new action title has been released this week by developer Mandrill VR Co Ltd, called Totems in Dreamland.

In the title players are cast as the character XiaoShan. The character falls asleep while reading a book about legendary lost totems.  In this mystic dreamland, players have to fight orcs, dragons, mummies and other enemies whilst collecting the totems. Use head movements to guide XiaShan by aiming him, and then use the Gear VR’s touchpad or additional gamepad to jump.

Totem in Dreamland1

In Totems in Dreamland the main goal is to reach the temple at the end of each level, dispatching increasingly more difficult enemies as you progress. This can either be achieved by jumping on them, or by finding switches that give XiaoShan a gun. Stepping on a switch does however immobilise XiaoShan, meaning the weapon can only be fired from that spot.

Totems in Dreamland is available to download for free from the Gear VR store, and VRFocus will continue to report on all the latest releases for the HMD.