Time Zombies Creator VRstudios Raises $1.3m in Funding

While you may have already heard of VRcade, the company behind gaming system Time Zombies, it is actually a subsidiary of VRstudios. Its recently been revealed that VRstudios has secured a total of $1.3 million USD in investment since March.

VRstudios is made up of VRcade its videogame and entertainment wing, VRdesign which is designed for commercial and enterprise and VRsolutions offering custom virtual reality (VR) services and technical integration. Reported by GeekWire, the company achieved a $700,000 USD investment last week bringing the company’s total up to $1.3 million USD.


While little has been revealed about VRdesign and VRsolutions, VRcade has seen a number of public outings, with its latest demonstration taking place at the Virtual Reality Los Angeles (VRLA) Summer Expo last month. VRcades biggest draw is its wireless head-mounted display (HMD) system which supports full body motion tracking for fully immersive gameplay.

VRcade was originally started around four years ago by co-founders Jamie Kelly and Dave Ruddell, and they are now president and CTO respectively. They have been joined by CEO Charles Herrick, CFO Chris Smith and Brian Vowinkel, US Bank former vice president.

VRstudios should be revealing further details of its projects in the near future, and VRFocus will be reporting on those announcements as they’re made.