The Ark Passes Kickstarter Funding Goal

Earlier this month VRFocus reported on a Kickstarter crowd funding campaign that wanted to record in 360 degree virtual reality (VR) video the last remaining North White Rhinos. The project, called The Ark looked to raise $21,500 USD to record these critically endangered animals before it was too late. The campaign hit its main goal within 5 days and is now looking towards its stretch goals.

Currently there are only 4 of the Northern White Rhinos left in the world, three in Kenya and one in San Diego. The VR documentary project is looking to record these magnificent animals in fully immersive 360 degree video before they likely become extinct. The team behind the project began last year, filming Nola, the last Northern White Rhino in the US at San Diego zoo. At that time there where seven rhinos left and as that number has dropped its become a race against time to record the others in Kenya.

NorthernWhiteRhino-The Ark

With the main funding goal achieved the team can go over to Kenya to begin the project. Currently the funding total stands at $25,620 USD, from 306 backers. With 16 days still to go the campaign is hoping to hit a stretch goal of $40,000 USD to help push The Ark through post-production, a difficult process with 360 degree video.

VRFocus will continue to monitor the progress of The Ark and its funding campaign and shall report back.