Tech Writer Will Smith Starting His Own VR Company

Small start-up companies keep on appearing thick and fast as new technology emerges and that is especially true for virtual reality (VR). Announcing his (sort of) departure from online tech website Tested.com, is co-founder Will Smith, who is going on to create a VR company that will focus on ways to communicate in VR.

Smith started Tested in 2010 alongside Norman Chan, and the pair have built it into a very well respected site. In an article post on the site yesterday, Smith said: “Now it’s time for me to step away from Tested and take on a new challenge.”

“One of the things I’ve realized about myself over the last five years is that I’m happiest when I’m testing the tech on the bleeding edge?.” Adding: “From my perspective, VR is the next rough-edged technology with the potential to change the world.”


He goes on to talk about how this new venture came about: “After sharing a virtual world with another person during the Oculus Touch demo at E3 this year, I became a believer. I can’t stop thinking about the potential of VR as a communication medium. To that end, I’m starting a company to test out some different ways to communicate in VR. I’ve put together what I think is a pretty solid plan, but need to start doing all the scary business stuff I’ve never done before.”

“As I ramp up my new company over the next few months, I’ll be gradually stepping back from my day-to-day duties on Tested.”

Other than that Smith is being fairly tight lipped about his plans: “I won’t be ready to give the full details for a while.” You can read his full post here, which includes links to his twitter and email updates, for when he does decide to reveal the new company details.

VRFocus will be following Will Smith’s latest updates and announcements and shall report back.