Survey Finds 41 Percent of Adults Interested in Trying VR

Virtual realities (VR) coverage in the mainstream media has been building as the head-mounted displays (HMD’s) near launch. Even with the increasing coverage how many people are actually interested in VR and so far how many have really tried the technology? Well according to the Virtual Reality Appetite Index released by YouVisit this week  it appears quite a few.

In the survey by YouVisit, 11 percent of Americans, representing approximately 23 million adults have already tried VR while another 30 percent of online Americans ages 18 and up expressed a desire to try the technology. These findings are based on a Google Consumer Surveys poll of more than 1,000 online Americans aged 18 and above, conducted in late August 2015.


“Given that some of the major consumer releases are still a few months away, it’s a hugely positive sign to see this level of adoption and enthusiasm for virtual reality,” said Abi Mandelbaum, CEO, YouVisit in a statement. “To push adoption to the next level, however, the industry needs to develop a greater diversity of experiences that appeal to consumers beyond gaming. One thing that will truly propel virtual reality will be democratization and the corresponding “social’ effect – when consumers themselves or someone within their personal networks are involved in the creation of virtual reality content, they are much more likely to try, share and even evangelize for the experience. This acceleration is not as far off as some may think either, given the cameras under development and the platforms that are already available.”

The results do also show that men have a greater interest in the technology than women, with 15 percent of men having tried VR in comparison to 8 percent for women.

How these numbers stack up in terms of sales figures for the HMD manufacturers won’t be clear until next year, but VRFocus will continue to follow all the latest news and announcements on VR and its popularity.

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