StreetView VR Adds Oculus SDK 0.7 Compatibility

With the launch of Oculus’ software development kit (SDK) 0.7 at the end of August, developers have been quickly updating their virtual reality (VR) projects to ensure compatibility. StreetView VR, the Oculus Rift supporting app that lets users view Google’s street view in VR has added support to the beta software.


Developer YoutopiaVR posted on Reddit a new list of features for StreetView VR as well as the Oculus SDK 0.7 support. The new features are listed below, with a brief description by the developer:

3D Mode

  • “3D mode can be enabled through settings and will enable movement through the world in a new way that is similar to walking around in a FPS. It may also help with simulator sickness since it allows for some positional tracking. This works best on roads and does not work at all in blue photospheres.”
  • “I had been reluctant to use the available depth data as it is low resolution and often incorrect but coupled with standard FPS style movement it makes for an interesting experience. Do not expect this to look perfect, it’s experimental and buggy, and a bit strange but still pretty cool. I hope you guys enjoy playing around with it.”
  • “3D mode may crash on some systems. If it crashes for you please post your specs.”

URL Protocol

  • “If you run the program as administrator once it will register a URL protcol that allows you to click streetvr links and launch the application in a specific panorama. Audio can also be attached. This currently only works if the application is not already running. If you’ve just alt tabbed just paste the url into the application instead of clicking it.”
  • “Pressing c will copy a URL-like link to the current panorama. Audio can be attached by adding &YouTubeVideoId to the end.”
  • “Pressing v will paste a streetviewvr:panoramaid&videoid link, loading the panorama and audio clip.”

YoutopiaVR also mentions in the posting that: “The new features do not work with the older runtime, so the latest version that is compatible with people who are not yet using or higher is in the last post (and also available on the website).” The software is in beta and so the developer welcomes any feedback from those trialling StreetViewVR.

VRFocus will continue to cover StreetViewVR’s progress as further updates and improvements are made to the software.