StarVR to Integrate Tobii Eye Tracking into VR Headset

The videogame industry can be very competitive at times, with manufacturers fighting for gamers cash. Whilst virtual reality (VR) industry could be seen in a similar vein, in fact numerous companies have collaborated to push the technology further. Announced this week by eye-tracking developer Tobii is a collaboration with Starbreeze Studios to bring its technology to the StarVR head-mounted display (HMD).

By integrating eye tracking into the StarVR HMD, Tobii expect to enable several new features which will both improve VR system performance and increase the feeling of immersion. These features could include: gaze prioritized graphics, natural targeting, eye contact and immersive graphics and sound.


“Eye tracking provides VR with missing elements that are needed to deliver on its promise of truly immersive experiences. Significant innovation is still required before eye tracking will be ready for large-scale implementation in VR, but we are invested for the long run,” said Oscar Werner, president of Tobii Tech in a statement. “We take an open approach to innovation and invite everyone that wants to collaborate—HMD manufacturers, game and movie studios, chipmakers and others—to join us on the exciting journey ahead.”

While Emmanuel Marquez, CTO of Starbreeze AB said: “VR is all about experience. When that experience is inhibited by the ability to render realistic and immersive environments, it’s a roadblock to creating world-class content and experiences our customers love and consistently expect us to deliver. Partnering with Tobii, the clear leader in eye tracking, allows us to solve this limitation, benefitting the VR industry as a whole, while also allowing us to deliver the highest-quality and most immersive film and gaming content ever experienced.”

When Starbreeze will start to show the benefits of this collaboration to the public isn’t clear, but VRFocus will be reporting on further announcements as more details are released.