Square Enix Launches 360 Degree Just Cause 3 Experience

Square Enix is arguably leading the charge for AAA videogame publishers working in virtual reality (VR) at the moment. While the company is yet to commit to a full console or PC-based VR videogame, it is working on a port of its popular mobile experience, Hitman: GO, for the Gear VR device and has recently showcased a demo of Final Fantasy XIV Online running on the PlayStation VR HMD for the PlayStation 4. Today, the company is testing the waters of 360 degree video, releasing a brand new mobile experience for Avalanche Studios’ anticipated Just Cause 3.


Compatible with the Google Cardboard mobile HMD, this free app is now available on both iOS and Android operating systems. It’s called the Just Cause 3 Wingsuit Experience and, as the name suggests, allows players to look around the title’s open-world island of Medici as they glide through the air in a wingsuit as protagonist Rico. The piece has been produced to promote the full title’s release on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on 1st December 2015, though Just Cause 3 isn’t expected to support VR itself. That said, this is a step closer to experiencing the beloved franchise in VR.

It’s one of the first times that a 360 degree experience has been used to promote an upcoming videogame release, though plenty of similar examples can already be seen within the movie industry.

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