Samsung Hosts Cooking Show At IFA Using Gear VR

This years IFA 2015 consumer electronics show which began on Friday 4th  in Berlin, Germany, hasn’t seen a great deal of virtual reality (VR) showcased. Aside from the HTC Vive Live Tour, Samsung the only other major company showing VR with its Gear VR head-mounted display (HMD). Samsung has already been creating VR experience zones in Berlin using the Gear VR, and has now incorporated the HMD into its cooking event.


At the Samsung cooking event, the company was using the IFA show to promote its high-end home appliance line-up “European Chef Collection,” reports Korea Times.

For audience members, Samsung provided Gear VR HMD’s to give them a more immersive cooking experience when some for the world’s top chefs came along to demonstrate Samsung’s cooking products. “We have decided to incorporate Gear VR into the cooking event to offer the audience more vivid experiences of the professional chefs’ cooking,” a Samsung spokesman said in a statement.” Internationally-renowned Michelin-rated restaurant owner, Modest Amaro attended, cooking his own pork dish using Samsung’s induction microwave.

While seeing the Gear VR at the show is a welcome addition, overall VR has had a quiet affair at the IFA this year. While it has been reported that the consumer version of the Gear VR wasn’t going to be announced at the event, as that is due to happen at Oculus Connect 2 later this month, no other VR reveals have happened.

VRFocus will continue to follow any further news or announcements regarding VR from the IFA 2015 event.