Reset Greenlight Demo Now Available

Steam’s Greenlight has been a useful platform for indie developers to help drum up interest and support for a title. Currently first person puzzle videogame Reset by studio Theory Interactive is looking to achieve success, and has released a short demo to garner support from the Steam community.

The Reset Greenlight demo consists of one complete puzzle for gamers to try their hand at. A sci-fi noir first person puzzle game, Reset contains 30 puzzle areas which can be completed in a non-linear fashion. Set around a grippingly haunting but beautiful story, in a futuristic immersive atmosphere, the unique game mechanic is the ability to travel back in time to solve puzzles co-operatively with yourself. Players will be able to explore 16 square km anyway they like, uncovering the storyline through completing puzzles and exploring.

Theory Interactive has stated on the titles Steam page that around six hours of brain teasing gameplay will be included in the full release. But this figure is only approximate due to the open world nature of Reset, and how players pace themselves.

Currently in terms of virtual reality (VR), Reset does support the Oculus Rift DK2, but it isn’t optimised yet. The finished videogame will have full Oculus Rift support. VRFocus will continue to follow the progress of Reset and report back any further announcements.