Purple Pill Releases Free Design Specs for 2D & 3D 360 Degree Camera Rigs

Just as with virtual reality (VR) videogames, the best chance cinematic VR experiences have at succeeding is for creators to collaborate at this early stage. Oculus VR, for example, opened its Oculus Story Studio film division with the intention of discovering the best practises for VR filmmaking in order to share them with others. To this end another film-focused VR company, Amsterdam-based start-up Purple Pill VR, is today publically releasing the designs for its 360 degree and 360 degree stereoscopic camera rigs.


The standard 360 degree rig houses 7 cameras that can capture a 360 degree x 270 degree panoramic image with space for smart cables and more. The stereoscopic version accommodates a total of 16 cameras for true 3D filming, the results of which can be viewed through a VR head-mounted display (HMD) such as the Oculus Rift, Gear VR or Google Cardboard. Images of both can be seen above, with the 2D version on the right and 3D one on the left. The designs can be downloaded from the company’s official website, allowing anyone to 3D print them. A customised Google Jump rig is also on the way.

Purple Pill VR began working on its rigs some 9 months ago, and has captured plenty of images and videos that showcase how far its rigs have come in that time. The company is also providing a video to help set up the rigs. “The virtual reality market is about to explode,” Nick Kraakman, co-founder of Purple Pill VR said of the news. “By releasing our camera designs to the public, we hope to enable more creatives to start producing cinematic VR content and explore what is possible with this exciting new medium.”

VRFocus will continue to follow Purple Pill VR’s work with the technology, reporting back with the latest updates from the company.