Private Eye Adding ‘Realistic grabbing of physical objects’ in Latest Blog

Developer Jack Slack who is behind the anticipated virtual reality (VR) videogame Private Eye has released another update to his blog. Little had been heard from Slack until his announcement of a projected Kickstarter launch window towards the end of August. Now he has also revealed that some of the recent development time has been put towards immersive hand animations.

Slack has been looking at how hand movements and grabbing objects in a virtual world, which seem simple, can have a big effect on how a player perceives the environment. The developer said on his blog: “So I think a slightly overlooked aspect of character interaction is the way characters use their arms and hands to interact with objects and their virtual environment.  It is customary for a character to get relatively close to an object and then through a momentary act of supernatural prowess the object will magically appear in their grasp – bing!” Slack goes on to say: “To look down and see your body is one thing but to see your hands reach out and interact with an object in the way you would in reality creates a really interesting bond with your character.”


This was initially easy to do in the early demos of the videogame as the player was fixed to one location, but as the title developed further, players were able to move around freely meaning the animation system that was created had to be re-designed. “This was a tough cookie to crack and has been what the majority of the last month has been about but we go there,” wrote Slack. “Ultimately, we see this extra time spent on the arm/hand animations as something that will hopefully be one of Private Eye’s strongest points. Realistic grabbing of physical objects coming very soon (hopefully)!”

VRFocus will continue to follow the progress of Private Eye as further announcement are made.