Plug and Play VR Computer Created by GemSense

Most of the news on virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) technology tends to lean towards the immersive head-mounted displays (HMDs). And rightly so, without the HMDs consumers won’t be able to delve into the virtual worlds studios are creating. But aiding that immersive feeling is the input method, that can also detract from the experience. An Israeli company called GemSense has been working on a Bluetooth, system on a chip (SoC) that can be put in an item to turn it into a control device.

Using GemSense’s SoC and its software development kit (SDK), developers will be able to create inexpensive VR/AR experiences, reports Times of Israel.

Jonathan Schipper, a co-founder of GemSense said in a statement: “It’s a tiny computer, developed by us, as the first plug and play controller device for AR and VR. With our system on a chip (SoC), developers can turn any ordinary item into a 3D experience that fully engages all the senses.”


“Our idea is to create a small computer that will have pre-built routines for AR/VR that can connect with everyday objects. Using our software development kit, developers will be able to turn those objects into AR/VR experiences. We can do motions like throwing balls, driving using a simple steering wheel, or embedded in a ring. It’s small enough to be embedded in a wide variety of objects, fashion accessories, and more,” said Schipper.

GemSense is working on an improved SoC, making it smaller and longer lasting as the current model can operate for approximately 4 – 6 with the Bluetooth connection constantly on. Shipper added: “Creation of physical products, especially wearables, can be hard. Our chip enables you to take that next step, build your product or app and test early. There’s no need to re-invent the wheel or struggle with unknown forces.”

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