OSVR Consumer Pre-order Campaign Launches Next Month

Today at IFA 2015, Berlin, Razer has announced the upcoming launch of the consumer version of their OSVR head-mounted display (HMD). Originally unveiled at CES 2015, Las Vegas, back in January, the OSVR HMD is part of the Open Source Virtual Reality (OSVR) platform and is known as the ‘Hacker Dev Kit’ due to it’s customisable design.

The OSVR HMD is a lightweight device that is built to be customised by the end user. A USB port offers immediate access to additional plug-and-play accessories, such as a Leap Motion input device, however the entire HMD has been designed to be taken apart and rebuilt as the user desires; replacing optics, screen and more as part of a personalised upgrade to the base device.

OSVR Hacker Dev Kit

The consumer edition of the OSVR Hacker Dev Kit will launch with significant changes to the version that has been showcased at events since January, including a new optics module which expands on the eyebox to allow for sharper images without the need for independent adjustable lenses. Furthermore, it will also have individual eye focus for personalised use without glasses. The display module has also been upgraded, now offering a full-HD 5.5-inch 120 Hz silver screen OLED display for low persistence for clearer and brighter images running at 60 frames-per-second.

The OSVR Hacker Dev Kit that will be available to consumers, known as v1.3, will launch a pre-order campaign on 1st October 2015. No prices or release date for the device has yet been announced, but VRFocus will keep you updated as these details are revealed.