OSVR Collaborating With Basemark on VR Benchmark

With so many companies jostling for position in the virtual reality (VR) industry before the major devices launch next year, information regarding specifications are not that clear cut for consumers. Which is why Basemark have announced today that the company will bring their benchmarking technology to OSVR.

VRFocus previously reported on CryEngine developer Crytek partnering with Basemark, and now the company will be bringing its tech to global consortium OSVR which includes over 230 companies.

Chris Mitchell, Senior Marketing Manager of Razer said in a statement “We are excited to have Basemark join OSVR. With the VR industry starting to spread its wings having the technology to enable cross-platform comparisons will help many VR hardware companies to develop better products and software developers to understand what level of content they can author for various VR systems. OSVR is about collaboration and allowing our partner’s technologies benefit each other. Basemark VR is a great example of this vision.”

OSVR Hacker Dev Kit

“Typically, an industry standard benchmark is needed in situations where a new key technology emerges rapidly and there is a large number of companies offering competing solutions. This is exactly the case of the VR industry. There’s hundreds of companies developing head-mounted displays (HMDs), controllers, displays and rendering systems, not to speak of all the game developers developing VR titles. However, consumers and business application users are scratching their heads as they don’t know which components to choose,” says Tero Sarkkinen, Founder and CEO of Basemark. “We are honored and humbled by this recognition by OSVR to invite us to work with the OSVR ecosystem of companies to help bring a standard and objective way of measuring and comparing VR hardware.”

VRFocus will continue to follow any more updates from OSVR and Basemark regarding the collaboration and report back.