Oculus Connect 2: ‘The Force of Virtual Reality at Lucasfilm’ Liveblog

Earlier today Facebook launched its first 360 degree video content. Among the footage was a promotional piece for this year’s anticipated movie, Star Wars: The Force Awakens. It’s an early glimpse into where Lucasfilm could take the series with virtual reality (VR) technology in the future. A much better look at that future will be seen today at Oculus Connect 2, however, as Rob Bredow, VP of New Media, Lucasfilm, & Head of ILMxLab takes to the stage to talk ‘The Force of Virtual Reality at Lucasfilm’.

Bredow will be offering ‘a rare behind the scenes glimpse featuring work by the newly formed ILMxLAB’, referring to the newly-announced studio that utilising a number of new technologies and applying them across the Star Wars franchise. The talk will be kicking off at 14:30 PDT and VRFocus will be liveblogging the action below.