New VR Film Series Brasilia 360 Launches First Episode

Earlier this year YouTube launched support for 360 degree videos and, since that time, has seen a flood of new immersive content hit its platform. This content is made all the better on the Android operating system (OS), where viewers can hit a Google Cardboard icon on the official app to watch this content with the makeshift mobile head-mounted display (HMD). The past few weeks have seen the launch of a brand new 360 degree video series for VR fans to enjoy, titled Brasilia 360, which can be seen below.

As the name suggests, Brasilia 360 is a documentary set in Brazil and follows 2 models names Isabela and Maria. The piece tells the story of the pair’s intimate friendship and emphasises the importance of such relationships. Lasting just over 4 minutes, the piece takes viewers to a number of locations, including a colourful car ride across a bridge and a peaceful park. Everything is also translated into English. The piece was shot using a 3D printed rig supporting 6 GoPro cameras and was created by filmmaker Filipe Gontijo and the production company Me Gusta Filmes.

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