New To VR: The Worm Has Turned – And It’s You – In Small People Problems

We end our week on New To VR with another trip to the Oculus VR Share platform and to the pre-release of a videogame that was, as of course many are nowadays, cooked up in a GameJam session.

Small People Problems

The game, Small People Problems, was created by Elias Markström, Tobias Johansson, Viktor Zryd, Mattias Lindblad and Niklas Bergwall over two days for the Oculus Rift DK2 head-mounted display (HMD).  In it you take on the role of a giant burrowing worm that terrorises, Tremors-style, the residents of a small out-of-the-way town called HappyTown.

The aim of the game for you is to burrow underneath HappyTown and consume all of its citizens.  Buildings can be destroyed and there is no real limit on your movements as you hunt the townsfolk down, however if one of them sees or hears you they will panic and run for an alarm to alert the rest of the town.  Be warned, if the alarm goes off a member of the town will step forward to attempt to sacrifice themselves by destroying the worm (you) with a bomb, so some rather extreme crowd control is certainly in order.

You can see the title in action with this gameplay footage below.

New to VR will be back on VRFocus this coming Monday where we’ll have even more new applications, videogames and experiences that you can enjoy in virtual reality.