New To VR: Take A Stroll Through Pre-History In Walk With Dinosaurs in VR

Another week has come to an end and now we at VRFocus prepare for next week which will include no less than three events and involve an expected news landslide at Oculus Connect 2. As is normal whenever we have a big event our more regular features tend to make room for all the news flying in, so New To VR posts will likely too be a bit more scarce next week.

For now though we leave this week on a different note than with which we started it and the Oculus VR Share demo Walk With Dinosaurs VR.

Developed by Baptiste Grève and published by Unimersiv (Where Is The History Teacher?, Colosseum VR) – not to be confused with the developer’s other dinosaur-based experience VR Dinos, an app VRFocus got hands-on with back in August – Walk With Dinosaurs VR in its current form has you take a journey through a small part of pre-historic Eath in the Mesozoic where you can experience being beside one of the largest animals to ever grace the planet’s surface. The mighty Diplodocus. A beast over believed to be over ten tonnes in weight and upwards of thirty meters long.

Walk With Dinosaurs in VR Walk With Dinosaurs in VR

Should you wish to go time travelling and exploring you’ll require an Oculus Rift head-mounted display (HMD), specifically a DK2 version.

VRFocus will return soon with more items that are new to the world of virtual reality (VR). Until that time be sure to check out everything going on at the moment with the PlayStation VR and news in the run up to Oculus Connect 2.