New To VR: Spectre Arrives On Oculus VR Share

Welcome back to VRFocus’ New To VR where we have yet another spooky virtual reality (VR) experience for you what you may want to try out at home. Actually it’s a title we’ve featured a couple of times before on VRFocus, Proscenium’s ghost hunting horror Spectre, which has now come to Oculus VR Share.

Spectre - Oculus Share 1The videogame, which has already completed a Kickstarter campaign, is currently on Steam Greenlight and which has also recently revealed a large update sees users take on the role of a ‘Seeker’ (the title was originally called Specter Seekers) who must traverse a haunted mansion to find the items needed to dispel the eponymous Spectre – a ghost which is most assuredly not Casper-like.

Dare you take on the foreboding task set before you, can you defeat the Spectre? Moreover, can you even survive it?

Complete with a multiplayer mode which can be played competitively Spectre is compatible with both the Oculus Rift DK1 and DK2 head-mounted displays.  You can see the video produced for the Kickstarter below:

Join VRFocus tomorrow as we end our recent streak of horror experiences on New To VR with something very different indeed.