New To VR: Go Point-To-Point And See Virtual Reality’s Many Potential Uses

PAX has come to an end and so the videogame and virtual reality (VR) circus must pack up its tent once again – at least until the Eurogamer Expo comes around. Don’t worry, the VRFocus team will be in attendance. In fact should you be showing off anything VR there you should probably send us an email.

Over on the Oculus VR Share platform there’s been a big update so it’s there we return to this week and an app from Australian creators Viewpoint Studios. Viewport Point-to-Point Experience is an example of what could be called a ‘what else’ experience. In that you look at a scenario, a technology – such as VR – and ask yourself what else it could potentially do. Viewport Point-to-Point brings you a variety of different experiences which you can navigate via a central menu. They cover a range of topics not just for entertainment but show how VR can be used for educational and informative purposes.

Regardless of the situation – navigating a museum, day dreaming in a chair, viewing a house that you could possibly be interested in purchasing – within the app you move around by focusing on a specific place (at which point you are moved to that location) or object (with which you interact).

This is demonstrated in the video below:

Made for the Oculus Rift DK2 head-mounted display (HMD), the app is out now on Oculus VR Share platform.

Tomorrow on VRFocus we’ll be videogame currently being featured on the VR Share homepage. Check out that and the rest of today’s content as we bring you more from the world of VR and AR.