New To VR: Be The Hero Of World War One In Flying Aces VR

Welcome back to New To VR where today we’re stepping away from the usual digital content sharing platforms such as Oculus  VR Share and WEARVR to look at a new videogame experience not found on either.

Flying Aces

Simulating flight, like the rollercoaster, will always be one of the more common themes of virtual reality (VR) experiences.  However more recently when we’ve looked at flight-related titles they’ve involved the element of outer space with combat simulators like Elite Dangerous or EVE Valkyrie, did not have a true flying element (just like yesterday’s 7 Nanocycles) or did not involve actual control of an airplane or ship at all.

Flying Aces VR is however an actual VR flying game set in World War One with all the period features you expect. A combination flight sim and combat title, you take on the role of a pilot and through honing your skills, including bombing runs on ground targets (such as enemy tanks), you will develop your skills as a true flying ace, ready to take on the best that the skies above Britain and France can throw at you.

A partly reworked version of developer Ben Librojo’s earlier videogame Combat Helicopter VR, which we previously looked at on VRFocus, the first playable demo for Flying Aces VR is available now to download for Windows 64bit and for use with the Oculus Rift DK2 head-mounted display (HMD).

You can see a trailer for the demo release below:

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