New To VR: An Updated Classic Returns In Missile Command VR

We round off another week in the world of virtual reality (VR) with a final look at one of the more exciting topics for VR discussion – the remaking of older videogames in the medium. There have been numerous unofficial remakes, with a lot of titles from the golden age of the arcade and the early Atari 2600-era of home computers.  There are official ones too of course, UK-based developer Rebellion is for instance working on a Project Morpheus reboot of Battlezone and as for discussion about the possibilities of remakes we ourselves at VRFocus have our ‘Make It A (Virtual) Reality’ Friday feature. (Be sure to come back later today to see what videogame we’re discussing this week.)

Speaking of the Atari 2600 it is a game from that era that we are looking at today, as over on the Oculus VR Share digital content platform Turkish developer PulseVR has put together a VR recreation and update of classic 1980’s title Missile Command. Gameplay is the same as in the original with the player tasked to defend their cities from the wrath of oncoming missiles by launching projectiles of their own to counter them and take them out before they hit and destroy your home.

Very nicely, the graphics have been kept in a similar style (although with a bit of TRON thrown in) to the lineage of the game with gameplay simply taking place within a three-dimensional plane. That in itself makes for a somewhat different beast and, should the concept continue to be developed by either this developer or one of the larger studios could make for a very interesting fully immersive challenge.

Missile Command VR
Missile Command VR

Missile Command VR Missile Command VR

Missile Command VR supports both the DK1 and DK2 versions of the Oculus Rift head-mounted display and is available now to download from Oculus VR Share. New To VR will be back next week on VRFocus with more new VR videogames, tools and experiences for you to try.