New Job Simulator Job Revealed

Owlchemy Labs have today revealed a new job that will be offered within the forthcoming Job Simulator at launch. A HTC Vive launch line-up exclusive title, Job Simulator will offer 5 unique job simulations when it becomes available for purchase later this year.

Job Simulator is a simulation of menial labour within a virtual reality (VR) experience about experiencing VR simulations of jobs. Set in the year 2050, the player takes on the role of a patron of a VR simulation studio that has designed a number of recreations of day jobs that have now been taken over by robots. Pumping gas, cleaning windows, driving trains etc. have all been taken over by robots, and Owlchemy Labs’ Job Simulator will offer similar tasks for players to attempt in a very tongue-in-cheek manner.

Job Simulator logo

The latest addition to the job catalogue in Job Simulator is that of a Store Clerk. This second job opportunity joins the Chef’s Kitchen gameplay debuted at the Game Developer’s Conference (GDC), San Francisco, back in March of this year. The first official trailer for Job Simulator‘s Store Clerk level is available below, and VRFocus will bring you a hands-on preview of this new gameplay addition in the very near future.