New Artwork Reveal for Fated

Frima Studios has recently revealed new artwork and screenshots for its forthcoming virtual reality (VR) title Fated. The images were showcased on Frima’s last blog posting, detailing the latest improvements the studio has made to polishing the title.

Fated is a first-person VR action-adventure experience set in Norse land during Ragnarök. The studio has kept a lot of the events in Fated underwraps only detailing in an older post: “Set in the mythical age of Vikings, Fated tells a tale of courage and sacrifice where an everyday father and husband must do the impossible to protect his family from the destruction of their world at the hands of giants of old.”

The new images reveal the quality and design of the characters. The studio has been using mocap, facial animations and voice-overs to bring them to life. The exterior shots have had extra polish, as the studio writes: “We’ve been busy squeezing the most “oomph” out of our assets, adding more props and effects to emphasize the uniqueness and moods of this mysterious zone.”

Fated is due to support the PlayStation VR on PlayStation 4 and the Oculus Rift head-mounted display (HMD). Frima has still not announced a release window yet for Fated, but VRFocus will continue to follow the latest announcements on the project and update you accordingly.

Fated - habillage01 Fated Fated Character Fated - habillage03