Netflix Coming to Gear VR

At the Oculus Connect 2 Keynote today there has already been several new reveals around the Samsung Gear VR. The consumer version has been announced and now some new features have been included. One of these major new features is Netflix compatibility for the mobile head-mounted display (HMD).

For anyone unaware of Netflix, it’s probably the largest subscription based steaming site for movies around. With hundreds of movies and original TV shows like House of Cards users of the Gear VR will be able to access the company’s catalogue, all in virtual reality (VR).


And this support isn’t coming out some time soon, it will be available to use today, confirms the speaker. So for current Netflix subscribers they will be able to download the app and start watching straight away. The subscription price for NetFlix will depend on your country, but in the UK the monthly cost starts from £5.99 GBP and in the US the monthly price starts from $7.99 USD.

There will be lots more going on today with new reveals and announcement from the Oculus Connect 2 event and VRFocus will be there to report on all the details.