nDreams Reveals Further Story Details for The Assembly

Virtual reality (VR) title The Assembly, by UK based developer nDreams aims to create a compelling narrative for players, set against real world events and concerns. So before the VR title launches for the Oculus Rift and Project Morpheus head-mounted displays (HMDs), two staff from the nDreams team have written on the developers blog to provide some further insight.

Senior Designer Jackie Tetley and Art Manager Martin Field hope to fill in some of the blanks surrounding The Assembly. Jackie starts by saying: “There are people who think that the spread of contagious diseases could be man-made or even government-sponsored – which we thought would be a good foundation for our story. It’s easy to understand why. Life changing technology is being developed at a rate where laws and institutions can’t keep up. In medical science, ‘cures’ for diseases appear in the press years before they’re widely adopted by the public while they go through vigorous testing. This can lead to all kinds of difficult decisions being made on a regular basis by people on all ends of the spectrum.”


“We see the Assembly more like an entrepreneurial tech start-up company than something you might see from a James Bond villain or anything like that,” says Martin. “What they are working on isn’t necessarily evil or insidious, but there is a strict air of secrecy about what they are doing – much like the entrepreneurs or tech companies being in an R&D phase before they are ready to ‘go public’ with their product. We looked at examples of companies that fit with this ethos such as Wikileaks, Google and companies found in the Fortune 500.”

This just an excerpt from the blog, follow the link for further details and insight into nDreams’ first-person experience, and VRFocus will be bringing further details about The Assembly as nDreams releases them.