Monowheels VR Revealed by IMGNATION Studios

Virtual reality (VR) racing videogames are a great way of showcasing the technology, immersing players in a vehicle as they race around a track. Now Brazil based indie developer IMGNATION Studios has revealed a teasing first shot of its new title, Monowheels VR.   

As the name suggests, Monowheels VR ( a working title) is a VR racing game where players are put inside one of these unicycle bikes. The videogame will feature environment hazards, challenging courses, difficult and aggressive competitors, and generally lots of close combat with other racers.


While further details of the title are still thin on the ground, regarding possible release dates or which VR head-mounted displays (HMDs) Monowheels VR maybe supporting, IMGNATION Studios is generally a mobile based development studio. Previous projects include Angry Birds VR and Dodge This, both of which were released on the Samsung Gear VR HMD, so it’s likely Monowheels VR will also be arriving on the mobile HMD.

IMGNATION started in 2007 as an illustration and concept art company, and over the years, evolved into the full videogame development team it is today.

As IMGNATION Studios releases further information on Monowheels VR, VRFocus will be there to bring you all the latest details.