Moggles Announces Updated VR HMD

For those interested enough in virtual reality (VR) to want a head-mounted display (HMD) but without too much cost there are a couple of options. Either the Google Cardboard unit which is very simple, cheap and fits a wide range of smartphones or the Samsung Gear VR which only fits the Galaxy S6/ S6 Edge or Note 4 but is a far higher end piece of kit. Looking to marry the best bits from both devices is Moogles, a Swedish VR HMD company.

Announced today the Moogles HMD (short for mobile goggles) receives an updated design from including, larger lenses (35 mm) for a better field of view, a foldable “hard case” design to protect lenses which is only 40mm when compacted and the ability to hold smartphones up to 6 inches in screen size.

“We have worked in the field of VR for a long time and we now have a great new product to present to the community. We recently showcased our unique foldable pocket VR solution at the annual tech conference, STHLM Tech Fest, and received great response,” says Daniel Sandvik, CEO at Moggles in a statement. “We have listened to the community and made the Moggles headset compatible with phone display sizes up to 6 inches. We use a modern smartphone as the magic maker. It has all the power and functionality that is needed and is constantly under development.”

The new HMD doesn’t have a price yet and should be available in early 2016. VRFocus will report on the full launch of the Moggles HMD as it’s announced.

Moggles-HMD Moggles-HMD2