Microsoft’s Nadella: ‘There’s no Going Back” After Using HoloLens

While there has been a steady stream of information on virtual reality (VR) head-mounted displays (HMDs) and supporting software, far less has been heard about Microsoft’s mixed reality (MR) device the HoloLens. Speaking at the recent Dreamforce 2015 conference, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella was quizzed further about the device.

When asked about HoloLens Nadella said: “Gaming is going to be reimagined. Classic game developers, like those working on Minecraft, are building a different type of game for this new medium,” reports The Next Web.


Nadella reiterated previous comments he’s made, that initially HoloLens would be aimed at businesses rather than consumers, with dev kits available within the next year: “It’s going to be definitely the single-application use in the enterprise. If you’re an industrial designer and use AutoCAD or Maya on HoloLens, there’s no going back. You literally see the output of what you’re designing right next to you. The same goes for architects. Those (applications) are easy to imagine.”

“Now what are all the other use cases? You saw Skype. That’s what we want to look at and see how that changes, how people communicate, and how customer service changes.”

So there’s still going to be a sizable wait to go before anybody gets their hands on the HoloLens, but VRFocus will be reporting any details on the device as they emerge.