Lucasfilm’s ILMxLAB has “a dozen things in production” Some Consumer Facing

At yesterdays Oculus Connect 2 conference in Hollywood, California, Rob Bredow, VP of New Media, Lucasfilm, & Head of Industrial Light & Magic Experience Lab (ILMxLab) held a talk titled ‘The Force of Virtual Reality at Lucasfilm’. In the talk which VRFocus liveblogged, Bredow mentioned the ILMxLAB is working on virtual reality (VR) projects that aren’t just experimental, some are focused towards a consumer launch.

In response to a question at the end of the conference about the focus of ILMxLAB, and the future of this VR technology, Bredow stated: “We have a dozen things in production right now. You’ll see some consumer facing things come out [of ILMxLAB].” So while some of those things in production may only be ILMxLAB testing technologies out, experimenting with what works in VR and what doesn’t, the public will be seeing some VR projects come to light.

Oculus Connect 2 logo

Bredow unfortunately didn’t go into further detail about what franchises these projects would be based around, or any indication of possible timelines for a reveal let alone a release.

VRFocus will continue to report on the Oculus Connect 2 conference as it goes into its second day, with more news and announcements expected.