Jonathan Blow Reveals ‘Experimental’ VR Support for The Witness

In a series of tweets today, Braid developer Jonathan Blow revealed that he and his dev team Thekla Inc. have been playing with experimental virtual reality (VR) support for the up-coming 3D puzzle videogame The Witness.

While Blow has said the team have been playing with VR he wouldn’t confirm that the title would ship with support for the technology. When asked about VR support by one fan concerned that it wouldn’t be included, Blow noted (over a series of tweets that have been combined): “That’s not really a good assumption. We have experimental VR support built into the game, and when it’s turned on, we just don’t lock the camera the same way we do in non-VR. Interactivity has to be different in VR than non, but that is not surprising, it also has to be different on a touch tablet than with a mouse or gamepad! It is just down to the developer doing the appropriate work for each input device.”


“I am also not saying we will definitely ship VR support; just that we have played with it in an experimental way,” he concluded.

Blow hasn’t revealed which head-mounted displays (HMDs) the team were using, but has in the past suggested that the title will support the Oculus Rift for its PC release. Could the PlayStation 4 version also support the PlayStation VR HMD? Blow hasn’t commented on this possibility, despite The Witness recently being given January 2016 release dates for both PC and PlayStation 4. VRFocus continue to follow The Witness closely, reporting back with any further updates from the title.