John Carmack Calls for Oculus Connect Keynote Topics

Last year’s Oculus Connect developer conference was filled with highlights from the virtual reality (VR) specialist. The company revealed the new prototype for the Oculus Rift in Crescent Bay, and lifted the lid of initiatives such as Oculus Research. Undoubtedly the main event for many attendees and stream-watchers, though, was CTO John Carmack’s now-legendary keynote talk, that packed so much technical know-how in that it ran well over time and didn’t stop until the developer was told to. This week, Carmack has called for topics for his next talk at Oculus Connect 2.


The CTO took to Twitter to ask for topics for his ‘Conversations with John Carmack’ segment at the event on 24th September 2015 at 13:00 PDT. “Open call for topics for my Oculus Connect keynote,” he wrote. “I’ll talk until they run me off the stage, what do you want to hear about?” Carmack no doubt intends to do just that, though the next set of Oculus Connect 2 sessions will be getting underway an hour and a half later at 14:30, so expect his segment to be wrapping up around that time.

Carmack’s keynote is far from the only thing fans can expect at Oculus Connect 2 this year, which is hosted at the Loews Hotel in Hollywood, California from 23rd – 25th September. The 24th will also have an Opening Keynote from Oculus VR CEO Brendan Iribe, which promises to provide new updates about the Oculus Rift itself as well as the Oculus Touch controllers and the Gear VR mobile head-mounted display (HMD) made in partnership with Samsung. Chief Scientist Michael Abrash will then offer his own keynote taking a look at some of the work going on at Oculus Research.

VRFocus will be at Oculus Connect 2 itself to offer all the latest updates from the company.