High Voltage: Oculus Looking for ‘specific types’ of VR Titles, FPS Included

Oculus VR had plenty of surprises to share during its pre-E3 press conference all the way back in June 2015. One of the biggest was the reveal of a list of prominent videogame developers that weren’t just starting to work in VR but actually already had titles in production. Among them was The Conduit developer High Voltage Software, which is now working on another first-person shooter (FPS) named Damaged Core. Recently the studio explained how its relationship with Oculus VR began to VRFocus, revealing that the company was looking for ‘specific types’ of VR titles at the time.

Damaged Core - E3 Graphic

High Voltage Software designer Micah Skaritka stated as much to VRFocus in an interview that will be published later on this week. “It was a case where at one point we presented a whole bunch of options,” he explained. “We knew that there was a couple specific types of titles that they were looking for, first-person shooters being one of them. And so we pitched a whole bunch of ideas and they were all successfully accepted, but they ended up going with the first-person shooter. And so I think we got lucky, honestly.”

Oculus VR seems to have had a fairly open process when it comes to securing titles for the Oculus Rift. Back in August CEO Brendan Iribe explained that the company is either approaching certain developers with its own pitches for VR titles or accepting pitches for ground-up VR games from third-party studios. He noted that the VR specialist is ‘not out to buy exclusivity’ but instead ‘fund full games for the Rift’. Oculus VR is also building its own first-party studios, one of which is currently forming in Seattle, Washington.

Checked back with VRFocus later in the week for the full interview with Skaritka on Damaged Core.