HEXXU Options OBI for AR, VR & 2D Formats

Atlanta based HEXXU has today announced the acquisition of publishing rights for OBI, a new short film from award-winning screenwriter Wiley McCain. As part of the studio’s ‘HEX process’, the film will be produced for traditional 2D viewing, augmented reality (AR) devices and virtual reality (VR) simultaneously.

This animated short film will be released in all three formats, with traditional format available to watch in a theatre or on a television, computer or mobile device. The traditional form will be extended with AR experiences to enhance the story for audiences with Microsoft HoloLens, Magic Leap or other mixed-reality devices. OBI will also be released as a standalone VR narrative film to experience on devices such as Oculus Rift and Sony Morpheus. In VR form the user can move and adjust their view.

HEXXU tech

“The future of entertainment is approaching escape velocity, and we are engineering the next frontier of cost-effective content creation,” said Richard Oesterreicher, President & CEO of HEXXU. “We are primed to explore how each format changes the way people connect to characters and environments. For the audience, each format offers a different way to experience the same story in an alternative art form while also changing the tools the filmmaker has available to tell the story.”

The HEX process starts with traditional content, while in parallel creating sequences that enhance the story experience through the addition of AR content, objects, characters and environmental features in and around the audience. The final experience option, VR, creates an environment that simulates physical presence in imagined worlds and lets the audience interact with the story in that world.

“HEXXU has the perfect team to not only move the art of film forward, but to also move the film viewing experience further inward. I am excited that audiences will get to experience the OBI story, but I am ecstatic that HEXXU will be delivering that experience,” screenwriter McCain said.

The HEXXU team averages 2-3 decades of experience each and has worked for companies like Microsoft, Softimage, Disney, DreamWorks, Warner Bros. and Sony Pictures. No release date nor distribution announcements have yet been made for OBI, but VRFocus will keep you updated as this project enters production.