Gear VR Trailer Released for Forthcoming Titles

With the main speech’s now over, there is still a lot to process from the Oculus Connect 2 conference in Hollywood, California. There were some surprise reveals and also a notable absence of others. Most of the new information announced at yesterdays keynote addresses revolved around the Samsung Gear VR head-mounted display (HMD), with price and launch window being two of the main ones. Additionally a broader selection of titles were announced and Oculus VR have released a trailer video for them.

Featured in the Gear VR trailer (seen below) are titles from Blackriver Studios with Jake & Tess’ Finding Monsters Adventure, OrchestraVR, Gunjack by CCP Games, Into the Dead from Pik Pok, Deer Hunter VR by Glu Mobile Inc, Defiant Dev’s Atop the Wizards Tower, Land’s End by Ustwo Games, Sharpsense’s Drift, Colosse, Aldin Dynamics Twisted Realms and more.

As well as new videogame titles the Gear VR will also be getting a slew of other media to tempt consumers. Oculus VR has partnered up with Netflix to bring its subscription streaming service to the HMD. And the company is teaming up with Lionsgate and 20th Century Fox to bring some of their blockbuster films on to the headset as well.

VRFocus will continue to follow all the latest news on the Gear VR as it happens.