Experience Mobile Virtual Reality with DESTEK

With the advent of cheap mobile virtual reality (VR) head-mounted displays (HMDs) like Samsung’s Gear VR and Google Cardboard, it opened the door for a lot of third -party manufacturers. The main theme most of these designs have taken is mixture of the two HMDs mentioned. Taking the comfort and feel of the Gear VR with the ease of use and flexability of Google Cardboard. New to the VR arena is DESTEK with its 3D VR Glasses.


The DESTEK headset is built using a solid plastic design, that will accommodate a smartphone screen size from 4.7 inches up to 6 inches. As with most mobile HMD designs similar to this one, the front hinges down to allow the smartphone to be put into place. While the viewing end is lined with foam to ensure a comfortable fit, and to allow longer viewing experiences. The DESTEK HMD has adjustable elasticated straps that go around and over the head so the unit can be used hands free. The HMD also has a cut out space to allow users to plug in headphones and a charging cable whilst their phone is in the device.

The DESTEK 3D VR Glasses are available now for $40 USD, and further information as well as purchasing can be found at The Gadget Flow for anyone interested.

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