Esper 2 Outed by Oculus Connect App

UK-based indie developer Coatsink Software is one of the previous few studios to have already released a full virtual reality (VR) videogame. Earlier this year saw the team launch a first-person puzzle experience for the Gear VR mobile head-mounted display (HMD) named Esper. The piece was well received from the VR community, and so Esper is also on its way to the consumer version of the Oculus Rift PC-based HMD next year. But that’s not all that Coatsink Software is working on for its new franchise; it appears that a sequel, Esper 2, has accidentally been revealed.


The official Oculus Connect 2 app lists the title in its Gear VR content section. No screenshots of Esper 2 have been revealed but a logo is present, as seen above. A short description for the title also confirms that this is indeed the project that Coatsink Software has recruited top voice talent for, including Nick Frost, Lara Pulver and Sean Pertwee. They’re all joined by Eric Meyers, the announcer heard in the original game that saw players move objects with the power of telekinsis. A screenshot of the app can be seen below.

“Have you ever dreamed about moving things with your mind?” the description asks. “What would you do with such power? Here’s what we would do. Esper 2 is a game about using telekinetic powers to solve puzzles. Reprising your role from the previous game, take up your new job as an agent of ESPR, an organization set up to deal with the recent outbreak of telekinetic powers among citizens. Travel to exotic locations; solve puzzles, discover secrets, stop villainous plots, and fall unconscious, multiple times. With an All-star cast, interact with a dynamic array of new characters, voiced by notable actors, NickFrost, Lara Pulver, and Sean Pertwee, who join Eric Meyers, the esteemed vocal talent from the original game. Solve a wide range of unique and intuitive puzzles, while trying not to aggravate the game’s characters, because they’ll let you know if you do.Good luck.”

Expect to hear more about Esper 2 as Oculus Connect 2 progresses. VRFocus is at the event to deliver all of the latest updates.