Esper 2 Now Official, First Concept Art Released

Earlier this week it was revealed – a little earlier than intended – that UK-based developer Coatsink Software was working on a sequel to its virtual reality (VR) puzzle title, Esper. Esper 2, as it’s called, was leaked accidentally via the Oculus Connect 2 app just a day before the developer conference’s keynote would reveal it officially, again for Gear VR. The title was announced after the reveal of a new, consumer-ready version of the Gear VR. Now the first concept art for Esper 2 has been revealed, and can currently be seen below.

A total of 7 pieces of art can be seen below, and they suggest big things for the developer’s sequel. While 2 showcase a facility environment similar to what was seen in the first title, the others depict some strange and fantastic locations. Note that Coatsink Software itself marked the underwater, waterfall and multi-door areas as Dream 1-3, suggesting these might be areas that the player’s protagonist visits in visions.

Esper 2 will cast players as the same character from the original, with Eric Meyers, the voice of Geoff in the original Esper, returning too. The cast for the sequel also adds Nick Frost, Sean Pertwee and Lara Pulver.

Esper 2 is far from all that Coatsink Software is working on in VR. The original title is also on its way to the Oculus Rift PC-based HMD, and the developer is working with Boneloaf to create a VR version of Gang Beasts for the same device. VRFocus will continue to follow each and every one of these projects, reporting back with the latest updates on them.

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